We reinvent ourselves to continue litigating for just causes !!!

Do you have a case?


    We reinvent ourselves to continue litigating just causes !!!

    Do you have a case?




      When we assume the defense of a defendant or a victim, we take care of investigating the counterpart’s evidence, requesting the acts of investigation, expert opinions, meta-expert opinions, rebuttal evidence, objections, claims and all other resources. that are necessary; Thus, in front of a Fiscal Folder, we corporately build a solid Defensive Folder.


      We litigate adversarially, from the investigation stages, in control hearings, protection of rights, preventive detention, prosecution control, control of dismissal, in appeal of instances, etc.; building a solid Theory of the Case, which allows us to successfully face all trial, especially the Oral Trial, deploying all our skills and expertise in Litigation Techniques.


      We provide specialized consulting, to criminal lawyers, from different parts of the country and abroad, in the formulation of Litigation Strategies, this is the formulation of Theories of the Cases, Interrogation and Cross-examination Boards, Use of Previous statements, to show contradiction or omission, Introduction of Material and Demonstrative Evidence, Concrete Imputation Test, and Factual Contrast Test, Etc.


      We defend their business or institutional interests before all kinds of police or fiscal investigations, and we sponsor them before the various judicial instances. We also develop preventive advisory services, analyzing contingent events to prevent criminal risks, which are warned through our Legal Reports.


      We assume the procedural and judicial representation, that our national customers delegate us, as well as natural, legal or moral persons, domiciled abroad, representing them before the various instances of the Public Ministry, Judicial Power, and other state entities, against contingencies related to corporate criminal matters.


      We are accredited before the National Registry of Suppliers (RNP) of the OSCE, empowered to participate in the selection and state contracting processes, to provide legal advisory services, in defense of the servers and officials of the various entities State, like SERVIR, in disciplinary criminal and administrative proceedings.



      Our founding partner is a Master in Oral Litigation from the California Western University of Law University of the United States, and provides training and instruction services in Criminal and Civil Litigation Techniques, to the most important specialized training entities in Latin America, such as the American Bar Association, the Inter-American Alliance for Oral Litigation, the Innocent Peru Project, as well as in various universities and legal institutions.



      Criminal law

      • Offenses against life, body and health.
      • Offenses against honor, the family.
      • Offenses against freedom, in its various forms.
      • Offenses against safety, health, and public faith.
      • Offenses against the Public Administration and the Administration of Justice.

      Business Criminal Law

      • Offenses against heritage and the environment.
      • Violations against trust and good faith in business.
      • Violations against the economic, financial and monetary order.
      • Tax infringements and against intellectual rights.

      Administrative Penalty Law

      • Administrative disciplinary and sanctioning infractions, processed before the various Public Entities.
      • We protect due administrative process, under the constitutional parameters of the sanctioning power

      Constitutional Criminal Law

      • Habeas Corpus and Amparo actions, in matters related to criminal matters and criminal procedure.

      Other Litigation areas

      • We exercise the procedural representation of foreign persons, whether natural, legal or moral, in the various areas of corporate criminal law.
      • We receive delegation of powers of representation, of national or foreign law firms, for the prosecution of their cases in the various areas of Law.



      The founding partner is an International Instructor in Adversarial Litigation Techniques, at the “California Western School of Law” in San Diego – USA, “Inter-American Oral Litigation Alliance” in San Diego – USA; Training Center and Legal Defense “Inocentes Peru” in Lima, among others.

      We instructed the participants in the formulation of management tools such as: Case Theories, Concrete Imputation Test, Factual Contrast Test, and Evidence Standard Test; as well as advanced techniques for criminal litigation, such as “Storytelling” Allegations, Constructive Interrogations, Refresh, Cross-Examinations (Techniques of “The Chapter”, “Freezing”, “Loops”, “Double Loops”, “Zoom”, “Repeat and reverse”), Use of previous statements, to challenge credibility for omission or contradiction with the CACA technique Etc.


      National speaker at “American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative – ABA – ROLI” (Bar Association of the USA), Judicial Branch, Public Ministry, as well as in National Universities and Legal Institutions.

      He was a speaker on topics of: Criminal Organizational Crimes, Effective Collaboration, Seizure and Loss of Domain Search, Criminal Investigative Techniques in TID Crimes and Environmental Crimes, Police Records, Chain of Custody, Hostile Witnesses, Pre-Trial Hearings, Etc .


      Guest lecturer at the University of California Western School Of Law, San Diego, California, USA; having received public recognition, for the contribution to the reform processes for the improvement of Justice, in the XXVII Edition of the International Course on Oral Litigation, held in San Diego in February 2018.
      Professor of the Graduate School of Law of the César Vallejo University – Peru, in the chairs of Objective Imputation, International Criminal Law, Theory of the Case and Oral Litigation.

      The Signature

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      “Justice should always be Fair, if it is not, it must amended by litigating against these unjust decisions, until achieving Fair Justice for humanity”


      To be the Law Firm, that litigate with the strength of tha evidence and the reason of the law, preventing conflicts and creating fair and honest solutions.


      Total Confidence

      Constant Proactivity

      Transparency in Management

      Engagement with the Client

      Loyalty without Limits

      Leadership in Litigation

      Proven Honesty


      Total Confidence

      Constant Proactivity

      Transparency in Management

      Engagement with the Client

      Loyalty without Limits

      Leadership in Litigation

      Proven Honesty

      Why choose us?


      When assuming the defense of our clients, in addition to receiving the case, we apply the right to evidentiary freedom, and we take care of making an investigation of the facts, from the defense’s own perspective; It is an added value of our firm due to its high specialization in criminal law.


      Clients receive personalized attention in our offices and in decentralized desks, for the management of their processes, and also through our networks and virtual platforms in legaltech systems, we give the appropriate accompaniment, which allows us to feed back communication with our clients.


      For us, each case is different and special, and therefore we resort to constant creativity, for the solution of controversies; In addition, we use the most innovative adversarial litigation techniques, to achieve the most desirable result.


      We know that facing a legal process is not an easy time for our clients, so from the first moment we guide them in the timeline, on the various phases of the process and their alternate departures, adapting to the needs of our clients, with a deep commitment to seek justice.


      The defense of cases related to criminal and sanctioning matters are complex and merits extensive analysis and debate. To do this, in our firm we built the Theory of the Case, a tool that allows us to strategically manage the various stages of the process, especially for main audiences such as the Oral Trial, where we deploy our Adversarial Litigatión Strategies.



      Under the leadership of our founding partner Abg. Napoleón Armstrong Salas V. (LL.M.), with more than 22 years of professional experience; added to his international academic career – Master in Criminal and Civil Law, by California Western School Of Law of the USA – and postgraduate university teaching, they transmit to the team of lawyers the high specialization in analysis, testing and management of criminal cases, in the various instances.


      We love our work, that is why we feel and value every effort, to guarantee your right to a Fair Justice, that is our mission and we do it with great passion.


      In cases of social impact, which seriously affect vulnerable people or the organizations that represent them, the firm provides free legal services.

      We proactively assume the legal defense of our sentient animals, especially our pets, against cases of violation of the Animal Protection Law, at the national level.

      We support the zero paper culture, as well as the use of recyclable products, in environmentally friendly technological environments, with high standards of eco-efficiency.

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